High Speed Internet Services

High Speed Internet Services – “HyperLoop”

Move on up to high speed surfing with broadband  from Sully Telephone Association.

Our “HyperLoop” Total Fiber-Optic Network is superior to cable and satellite service.

With Sully Telephone Association’s broadband service, you get the following features:

  • Multiple Speed Offerings including Symmetrical Speeds
  • Faster www site searches
  • Faster downloading of software files
  • Available to residential and business customers
  • Dedicated connection, not shared like cable
  • One email address with main account
  • Get up to 4 additional emails FREE
  • Share one account with multiple computers
10M/1M$45.00DSL or
HyperLoop (fiber)
15M/3M$55.00HyperLoop (fiber)
15M/15M$65.00HyperLoop (fiber)
25M/10M$75.00HyperLoop (fiber)
25M/25M$85.00HyperLoop (fiber)
50M/25M$95.00HyperLoop (fiber)
50M/50M$145.00HyperLoop (fiber)